With Life Coach, Counsellor & Psychotherapist, Indi Kaur. MSc. UKCP. ABNLP
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Life Coaching

This bespoke coaching programme is designed to guide you with your career, self-esteem, confidence, relationships and much more.

This package aims to provide direction and motivation towards specific goals.

Indi is qualified and experienced to help you liberate your potential on a deeper and meaningful level, enabling you to live life to it's fullest.


Usually a time limited series of talking therapy sessions, counselling is a collborative effort between you and Indi. It aims to provide opportunities to gain insight to your inner way of working or 'process', so that you may identify changes to make to ease current stresses or signs of emotional & mental dysregulation.


Designed to keep you safe and contained, this medium to long term support aims to support you to identify and work through historical and difficult life events & relationships, which disrupt your vitality today.

Psychotherapy is a science which looks beyond the 'bandage on the wound' and serves to provide profound and long lasting healing.

About me

I've always been interested in inner betterment. My previous career in Learning & Development taught me particular skills in this area which I went on to refine in 2012 when I certified with the ABNLP

as a Life Coach.

Curious to know why Coaching helped some people and not others, I went on to train as a Counsellor & Psychotherapist in 2013, qualifying with an MSc (merit) and achieving full accreditation with the UKCP in 2019.

My Approaches

The nature of Life Coaching and therapy are very different.

My coaching style works closely with change theories and models, drawing on motivational skills and challenging you to be your best.

My therapeutic approach on the other hand is grounded in relational theory, integrating attachment theory and a Gestalt approach. This enables me to work on a deeper level, including client history.

Dear Indi,
I would just like to say thank you for everything you have done for me. You have given me the ability to live life how I’ve always wanted to. I have learned to love and look after myself, which I never thought could be possible. I don’t feel alone and trapped inside myself anymore. I am forever grateful for your guidance, support and compassion through this journey. Thank you again for the difference you have made to my life.

~ Psychotherapy client ~