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Counselling & Psychotherapy

The difference between counselling and psychotherapy can be described like this;

Counselling works with one room in the house whereas psychotherapy works with the entire house, including the foundation and previous land history!

Counselling is also typically shorter term work and psychotherapy can be some months or a number of years.

What happens when you make contact 

  • Prospective client makes contact with me via telephone call, text or email

  • I will respond and we can schedule a brief call so that I can understand your goals. This call will decipher whether you would like to schedule an initial assessment or not.

  • If you decide to arrange an IA – I will send you an appointment confirmation via email, along with a copy of my therapy contract which you are not required to sign and return unless you decide to go ahead and book sessions.

The initial assessment is an opportunity for you to ask me questions, and to gauge whether you feel comfortable with me. The client – therapist relationship is an important part of therapy and it is usual for clients to have assessments with different therapists, until they find the right fit for themselves.

I will request that you secure your booking with a BACs payment (this is to reduce the number of no shows).

After the IA – you are not obligated to commence therapy with me.

  • If you decide that you would like sessions with myself and I believe myself to be appropriately placed for your needs, we can schedule a regular slot for your therapy.

At this point, I request that you read, sign and return the therapy contract to me which I will countersign and return to you.

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