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Indi Kaur

Indi Kaur. MSc. UKCP

Trauma Informed Life Coach & Psychotherapist

I am passionate about supporting people to make positive changes in the way they live their lives.


As a believer in being a congruent therapist, I continue to be highly committed to my own personal and professional betterment. I participate in regular supervision, continuing professional development courses and I make time to reflect on my self.

I spend my spare time with nature, journaling, meditating and make time for joy.

About Me

In around 2010, I worked in Human Resources but became curious about the root cause of people's suffering. I noticed that work stress was seldom an isolated issue and wanted to support people on a deeper level.

I volunteered over the years with various organisations such as Business in the Community and Child Line - both were rewarding and I found my passion for helping people.

I certified as a Life Coach in 2012, which was when I begun to actively work towards my interest in Learning & Development, and supporting people to make positive changes. To go deeper still, I went on to train as a Psychotherapist.

I experienced a transformation as a person throughout my training, and this solidified my belief in the science of psychotherapy. I have since been  supporting clients to achieve Inner Betterment too. I owe much of my own growth to some amazing psychotherapists whom I have worked with, and the Gestalt approach which I too work with.

The Gestalt approach combines 'top-down' and 'bottom-up' approaches - a rare combination in talking therapies, and is a key component to lasting change.

I have worked as a counsellor and psychotherapist within community interest companies, the NHS, Employee Assistance Programmes and privately.

Currently I balance being part time employed as a Senior Psychotherapist within the NHS, and part time in private practice, including EAP clients.

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