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Indi Kaur

Indi Kaur. MSc. UKCP

Trauma Informed Life Coach & Psychotherapist

I am passionate about supporting people to make positive changes in the way they live their lives.


Continuing to be highly committed to my own personal and professional betterment, I participate in regular supervision, continuing professional development courses and I make time to reflect on my self and make time for joy.

About Me

From simple beginnings, my first job was in the fast food industry which I did as I studied Business & Human Resource Management at university. I went on to work in HR as my first career.


I certified as a Life Coach in 2012, which was when I begun to actively work towards my interest in Learning & Development, and supporting people to make positive changes. In order to practice this at a deeper level, I went on to train as a Psychotherapist.

I experienced a transformation as a person throughout my training, and this solidified my belief in the science of psychotherapy. I have since been  supporting clients to achieve Inner Betterment too.

My experiences as a Life Coach were within corporate businesses as well as community based projects, working with long term unemployed and homeless people.

As a Counsellor & Psychotherapist, I have worked within community interest companies, the NHS, Employee Assistance Programmes and privately.

Currently I balance being part time employed and part time in private practice.

I have experience in working with a wide range of client concerns within all three roles including but not limited to:

Abuse (emotional/physical/sexual)



BAME cultural struggles


Body dysmorphia


Domestic abuse

Career ambitions/stresses/changes

Complex post traumatic stress

Eating disorders

Feeling lost/directionless

Gender Identity

Intrusive thoughts



Neglect in childhood

Personal development


Self doubt

Self harm



Trauma (childhood and adulthood)

Work/life balance

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