Psychological & Emotional Wellbeing Workshops:
Managing Stress & Trauma
date: Saturday 24th September 2022
Time: 10 am

Inner Betterment is introducing it's first of a number of Psychological & Emotional Wellbeing Workshops.


My experience over the years - especially working within free services such as charity organisations, CIC's and the NHS, taught me that there is a huge gap within trauma support pathways, whereby clients deemed too 'high intensity' for counselling and yet too 'low intensity' for secondary care services don't fall into any bracket at all, and are unfortunately left to their own devices or referred to private therapy which many people cannot afford on an ongoing basis.

I have therefore designed this 1.5 hour workshop to fit people of all 'intensities', to learn how to manage stress and trauma.

The  workshops aims are:

  • Differentiating between stress and trauma.

  • To give you a fundamental understanding of trauma, trauma risk factors and symptoms.

  • To teach you the different types of trauma responses and how to identify your inner state.

  • Looking at four leading coping mechanisms, which help to regulate stress & trauma, and build resilience.

  • How to prevent burnout.

  • This workshop is experiential and from the comfort of your own home. The host will guide you through some exercises so that you can put the theory into practice, and leave with confidence to support yourself going forward.

  • Q&A and feedback section

This workshop includes very up to date theories and techniques which you can take away and implement to daily life, in order to support yourself to develop awareness and regulate. It is also a great way to ascertain whether therapy may or may not be suited to your needs. I have delivered similar workshops within the NHS as a prerequisite to therapy and so if you are considering therapy, this could be a helpful first step.

Workshops in the near future will focus on specific coping strategies in more detail, so look out for updates on this page.

This workshop, 'Managing Stress & Trauma', runs on Saturday 24th September 2022 at 10 a.m. (BST), lasting 1 and a half hours and will run remotely on Windows Teams. Please ensure you can access this application. A link will be sent to your email address nearer the date.

The price to attend this workshop is at an excellent rate of just £45.00.

Please contact me via email at to request a space on this Workshop. There is also a simple form which you can complete to do this at the bottom of this page. I will send you instructions on how to pay and how to join the video link.

In the case that the workshop spaces are all taken, I will add your name to a waitlist, and I will email you to let you know of the next date(s).

Inner Betterment's Wellbeing Workshops can also be tailored to meet any organisation's needs. Please get in touch for a bespoke package.